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What we do:

Blue Square Consulting bridges the gap between concept and reality…between idea and oasis. We’re specialized, flexible and personal. Here’s a snippet of some of the things we do:

Construction Drawings

Our custom Construction Drawings leave no detail undocumented. Our work scope is flexible: as complete and comprehensive as your project and needs dictate, or only the critical details you want.

Design Development

Blue Square Consulting provides the design services you need to construct your design to best industry practices and ensure that the installed vessel functions effectively, safely, and efficiently.

Concept Renderings

How does your vessel integrate with its surroundings? Do its form, massing, scale, etc. make sense in context?  Whether you want a 3-D digital rendering or quick hand renderings by a skilled artist, we can help.

Feasibility Studies

Need to know how constructible a custom water feature design is?  Not sure whether some elements of a design meet construction and safety codes? We've got your covered.

Construction Administration Services

Pool builders often cut corners or revert to old habits, sometimes not even intentionally.  Blue Square Consulting has the experience and knowledge to evaluate and level construction bids, identify value, and maximize your ROI.

What Blue Square Consulting does.

Why do we do it?

We are firmly committed to contributing value to a project and helping vessel owners proactively protect their pool, spa and water feature construction investments.  We’re straight to the point and forthright.  We believe in providing a higher level of service.

Long Term Relationships

There is a reason our long term clients consider Blue Square Consulting a critical resource. We provide the technical insight to bridge the gap from the plan view “Blue Square” depicting a pool, spa or water feature on paper, and the completed and functioning vessel.

We Leverage Our Experience

Unlike many design consultants, Blue Square Consulting’s roots run deep in real world pool construction and service.  In fact, our founder, Dennis Loebs has over twenty-five years of experience in both.  What does this mean to you?  We have a firm grasp on the constructability and feasibility factors that affect every project.

We Stand By Our Product

We believe our work product is more comprehensive and contains more detail than any competitor. Further, it is graphically designed and organized to clearly explain design intent to construction crews, making the pool builder’s job more efficient, while minimizing chances for error.   Not only that, but during any phase of the project, even after it is completed, we are available to address questions, concerns and provide solutions.

Images of water features around pool

Who do we do it for?

Design Professionals
Design Professionals

Blue Square Consulting bridges the gap from design concept to constructed reality with renderings, plans, technical name it. Get us onboard early in the ideation phase, or later, after you have locked in design intent. We’re here for you at whatever point you need help.

Owners, Managers & Agents
Owners, Managers, Etc.

If you're a property owner or manager, or you represent one, and you are planning a new pool, spa or waterfeature, Blue Square Consulting can provide turn-key design services catered specifically to your requirements. Need a way to control the quality of a new installation or renovation? We can help!


Whether you're a general contractor or a pool builder, BSC provides all the construction details you need to get the job done right, on time, the first time.

Eric Stiene
Project Manager

The front end and man behind the plans. Eric believes in continuously improving Blue Square’s services, work product and overall client experience.

Who are we?

Our leadership team at your service...

Dennis Loebs

The visionary and driving force behind Blue Square Consulting. His experience spans all facets of watershapes, from design, to construction and service. Dennis's attention to detail is relentless and refined.

Debbie Darenberg
Office Manager

The glue that keeps the BSC team on point. Seriously, someone needs to keep Dennis and Eric in line. Debbie gets it done.

Accounts Receivable

Head of security and lead bill collector. She’s known to get a little out of control with her licker.


...of what our typical work product looks like:

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